We have a game against Valencia before the Classico so am thinking Jovic should also play a part in the fixture (Barcelona) atleast might boost his confidence, so am thinking it will be damn good if Zinedine Zidane starts both striker against Valencia..

In the game vs brugge, Zidane opted fro Jovic but I must say he still needs some minutes, Jovic was snubbed off for Benzema and Big Benz immediately played more passes with the forwards. It is quite evident that our team is not accustomed to play with and out-and-out striker who doesn’t drop back as much as someone like Benzema (who is somewhere between No.9 and No.10).

So, if you think that Jovic isn’t good enough, there is a good chance that you are wrong. We are going to have the same problems with any elite striker you can think of - even Robert Lewandowski. To top that, Jovic doesn’t get much time which is very obvious because Benzema is just so good (especially in these last two seasons).

Hala Madrid