Pretty disappointed that we are not targeting any world-class proven striker out there in the market. Inter are out of the UCL now, giving him a transfer opportunity to play in knockouts for a three-peat winning squad would have been enough incentive to lure him. More surprisingly he has a release clause of 110M only, which is absolute bargain in 2019 for a forward of his proven calibre.

Instead our targets are some more young players like Brahmin Diaz who is a winger, Palacios another attacking midfielder. Don't get me wrong Diaz and Palacios are extremely talented with huge potentials, however they are not the players we need right now. Rodrygo would be arriving next summer and the rumours say that James might be interested in a return to Bernabeu. That stacks our attacking options in the midfield and wing positions overwhelmingly. I don't know how Perez is going to handle so many players of such quality to stay in the team with such immense competition.

If the rumours and signings go as reported by 2019 summer we'd be having Llorente, Casemiro, Modric, Kroos, Ceballos, Kovacic, Isco, James, Bale, Asensio, Vazquez, Vinicius, Brahmin Diaz, Rodrygo, Palacios. Of all these players Isco's situation with the manager looks tensed atleast for now but who knows Solari would give him some good playing time and make Isco happy. As of Kovacic he would certainly want a move out as soon as he comes back from his loan, most probably back to Chelsea. So for the rest of the players there are only 5 position to fight for so many of them, 3 in the midfield and 2 wingers. It would become extremely difficult for Perez to hold them. Moreover this lack of play time would do nothing but hamper the development of the youngsters we would be signing.

Hazard Situation

As of Hazard's situation, it is almost certain that Real Madrid would make a move to get him. He would be having only a year left at his contract in the summer of 2019. It doesn't seem he would sign another contract with Chelsea knowing that Real Madrid would be interested. This would lower his price as Chelsea would definitely want something from him rather than him becoming a free agent next summer.

  • Can The New Signing Rodrygo Become Our Next Number 9?

A small positive is that Rodrygo has actually been playing as a striker for Santos and the U-20 Brazilian NT this season and will most likely carry on being a striker. Some reports say that we might be cutting Rodrygo’s loan short and bringing him into the team in January (Rodrygo has actually been hanging out in Madrid with Perez and watching the games at the Bernabeu since our match against Melilla, and I think he’s still in Madrid right now, so that supports these reports). It’s no Mauro Icardi but at least it’s another striker. We can start developing the Vinicius-Rodrygo duo asap as I think that’s the direction our club wants to take, make that duo the spearhead of our attack for years to come. We’re clearly in a transition period now and we want to get to the future as quickly as possible. We’ve clearly prepared and are continuing to prepare for the future a lot and we have a team of young prospects who are ready to dominate with their potential.

But the thing is, however good he maybe, he would still be a raw talent. We cannot expect of someone like Rodrygo to pull of great performances in bigger matches when Benzema won't perform well.