Our Seventh Club World Cup title

Goals from Modric, Llorente, Ramos and Nader, who scored an own goal saw the madridistas beat Al Ain, winning the Club World Cup for a third consecutive year.

Now we are the champions of the world but seriously I still think we lack Firepower's upfront, and I think

This side right now needs two players. A world class winger and a world class finisher. I'm not saying Benzema should be benched either. But some rotation and unpredictability in the starting lineup specially up front could help.

Glad to see Kroos and finally Modric getting into their best rhythm. Modric is the player that has improved the most in the past few weeks. Finally the old Modric is slowly coming back. Yesterday he was Madrid's best player alongside Llorente.

Marcos Llorente has been the breakthrough player of 2018, though it came very late in the year. The guy has been absolutely solid in all the games he played. He's excellent defensively. Doesn't have to tackle much because he's always in the right place to win the ball back for the team or push the opponent backwards. More than all that, his calmness and passing ability with the ball aids Kroos and Modric play with much more freedom. Llorente is showing some serious promise and he WILL end up benching Casemiro. For now, we have two very reliable CDMs to rotate.

Defence has somewhat improved under Solari, but Real Madrid are still Real Madrid. We don't exactly defend well.

My view On Yesterdays Game

The best thing yesterday was the corner ball from kroos to modric and the way they executed it. As always Toni Kroos has something in his boots so that the ball never goes away from the target and the first time finish from Modric was absolutely beauty to watch though it was not a goal..

Marcos Lorente is the current favourite for me after because of his performances in his last 8 starts..

The boy never wanted to make a harsh tackle.We are slowly coming back and we have to be efficient with our chances too.

We are not dead yet. Hope to see the rest of an interesting season..