Ivan Perisic is rumored to be opening a signal to be able to join Mourinho's Manchester United squad for the future. For the past two years, Ivan has been very highlighted. In addition, word got out that Ivan had become one of Mourinho's target players.

Mourinho once admitted his interest in Croatian players. But he also wondered why Ivan refused his offer at that time for Manchester United. However, Perisic himself still admitted that he was interested in playing in England. For Goal International, he has heard that playing in England is the dream of his life.

Ivan admitted, two years ago he refused an offer from Mourinho. But he explained that he was still ready if at any time Manchester United came to ask for his help from Inter Milan.

Like the news spread in Italy so far, the Inter Milan side has not prohibited Perisic from pursuing a career in England. In fact, they agreed that one day Perisic had to go to England. That might be because of one of the young players from France, Anthony Martial. He is predicted to be one of Inter's target players in the closest transfer market.

But there is a possibility that Manchester United have trouble releasing Martial Arts for Inter. But the exchange with Ivan Perisic can be approved by the Manchester United manager in the transfer market.

This season, Ivan appeared very riveting with Inter Milan. So far, in 9 matches in Serie A, he has managed to donate two goals with two assists for the team he strengthened. He became one of the main players who often made the team stronger. []