Diego Maradona: [Image Source]

Argentine football legend Diego Maradona instructed his story for the first time about the way he launched himself from a drug trap. This turned out to be revealed when he was named as coach of the Darados mexico klup. This is the sixth club he has ever trained.

Maradona was brought to the media before (10/09/2018), at a press convention at Hotel Lucerna, Culiacana. There is a football legend who once triumphed in Masaya, instructing him during his life's journey in the war against pills.

His madness with drugs got worse when he appeared for Napoli that year (1984-1991). He takes drugs with excessive depth. Until his achievements in the international world of football became increasingly dim after the 1994 global cup.

Diego Maradona while playing at Napoli in 1991-1994: [Image Source]

"I have to give Dorados what I didn't get when I was sick," Maradona said when he started the first sentence in his story as quoted from Four Four Two.

"Today I want to see the sun and I want to sleep at night. Previously, I could not sleep and I even failed to recognize what the pillow changed. That is why I am a universal offer of Dorados. I take this responsibility as if this is a baby my new, "he insisted.

"Since I was released from slavery for 15 years in the past, I want to explain to you that after I became a user, my presence is very much. It has become a setback and football players must continue to improve it. It all stops thanks to my child."

"When I was in a coma and he (Dalma Maradona) touched my shoes to wake me up. Then I left, and like all and sundown, we were judged and we thought we clung to the truth, I wondered how many people there have solved things that are worse than us. I am here to work. "

"I am here to give my coronary heart like I did in Fujairah, where I forced 300 kilometers in the afternoon for painting. Now, it's up to us (Dorados) do you need to give an elephant to your shoulder? And that" Now it's not clean . "I'm not hiding now, I'm not killing, and I'm not lying," he said.

Mexico is a country called the "nest" of drug cartels. Maradona's decision to educate Dorados so far is related to the cartel.

Los Zetas, Juarez, Tijuana, Jalisco, to Beltran-Leyva are the names of cartels in Mexico. However, these names have not been able to match the majesty and superiority of the Sinaloa cartel. []