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Football World will be on its toes as the much awaited Manchester Derby is set to land at the Etihad Stadium this Sunday. The intensity of the game may not exactly turn out to be the greatest but it is for sure going to be a game full of drama and emotions, something I have always been a part of. Before we move further into the analysis of the game let's take a look at the winners of the previous contest.

EPL Contest #23 - Liverpool v/s Arsenal

What a great game of football, Arsenal could have ended up with a massive win but Liverpool held on the nerves to end the match in a draw. Only two goals were scored in the game, something which was not expected as the two teams have the habit of scoring many goals against each other.








I will like to congratulate the winners from the previous contest and I thank you all for your responses and participation. It's really exciting to do some analysis of the game and predict the outcomes too. The reward payment has been sent to the winner's wallet.

Let's come back to the super game between two of my forever favourites on Sunday. We all know how Manchester City has been performing for the last four years now and It won't be easy for any team in the league to beat them at home easily. Manchester United started the season in a poor fashion but they have certainly improved as a whole in their last five games and we will expect a better performance from them in this game.

Manchester United's golden days are quite visible in the figures shown above but the team who is leading from the front from the last three years has to be Manchester City. Manchester City has a complete side and the combinations they produce fit in almost every situation and that's the reason they are not only the table toppers but the favourites for this year as well.

Manchester United Chances

Manchester United had almost tasted that much-needed win against Chelsea until Barkley came to the rescue of Chelsea and made it even. Manchester United has looked a better side since that game which is why they have managed to pick up two consecutive wins in their last two fixtures. Anthony Martial has been an important factor as he has chipped in with some important goals for the team which has changed the story of the team in the previous encounters. Jose Mourinho has the tendency to come up with special results in big games and there is surely a possibility of that this Sunday. The last game between these two teams was played at Etihad this year which was won by Manchester United, a game which has been one of the best comeback games of the year. I really think that United can be the side to take this game on Sunday but to do it at Etihad that too for the second time in the same year is a little too much when the City side is rolling over everything.

Manchester City Chances

There is this one sentence that comes to my mind every time I try to do a little analysis about this team and that is, how many players can you stop from changing the course of the game?

This team has the best side in the league, they have maintained their stability consistently for the last four years and there is a huge possibility of them taking the title one more time this year. This team is full of star players and it is always great to see this team play and score on the field. They share an amazing coordination which is clearly evident on the field and that's the reason they will come up all guns blazing against their rivals from the same city. Some key names for the game will be Sergio Aguero, Raheem Sterling and Benjamin Mendy. They are good in every area and their attacks won't be easy to settle down by Manchester United. I will certainly put my money on Manchester City this Sunday for all the right reasons and I will hope for a good result for them this week. Do tell me about your assumptions for the game in the comment section.

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