He received a call that he can not refuse, will we see the Brazilian again in Italian courts ...

Kaka has returned to Italy, has Milan's offer to work in club structures, but he could play, a year after retirement.

Namely, today Adrian Galiani, with the support of Silvio Berlusconi, will buy former Monaco player Monza, plans are ambitious in terms of placement in Serie B, where the club from Milan was not nearly two decades old.

But all the chaos that rules in Italy, in the lower leagues, primarily because of fines, fines, finishing, could make it easier for Monca to start the season with three victories without a goal.

Kaka could get ready for the winter and help secure a place in the other league, which no one doubts, because Monca is financially stronger than the rivals. The Brazilian would be a phenomenon, a magnet for the audience, this club is constantly walking between the second and third leagues, but it was bankrupted a few years ago and was transferred among amateurs, for two seasons they returned to the third league, they had not succeeded through the play before they've completed Series B where they last played at the beginning of the century.

It is believed that Milan would help them with a couple of younger players, which has been the case so far, there are a couple of Brazilians, Veteran Reginaldo, who you remember from Siena and Parma, and Jefferson who never got a chance as a kid in Fiorentina.

For Monaco they played footballers who later became Milan's stars, such as Masart, Costacurta, Ganza, Strope, and Kaziragi, Marco Branca, Di Biagio, even Patris Evra, in their first, unsuccessful stay in Italy ...