Too strange to be accidental ...

Real Madrid managed to convincingly celebrate after a reversal in Girona late last night; in the end, it was 4-1 for the "Royal Club".

However, the media in the Pyrenees is scrambling to a player from the bench - it is Luka Modric.

The Croatian national has not yet started the game as a starter in the new season since he returned to the club, he played only less than a hundred minutes counting the extra time in the Super Cup of Europe.

It is certain that Croatia's placement in the Mundial finals made it more difficult for the midfielders to get refreshed and return to the competitive rhythm, but many of the winners of the finals were already on the courts all over Europe.

Somehow, discretion is drawn to the conclusion that it is a kind of small revenge of Florentine Perez who so wants to "punish" Modric who this year wanted in Inter.

As we know, a Croatian national did not succeed in that intention, and a lawsuit by the president of the Madrid club was announced at the address of his agent, Vlado Lemic.

And maybe it's just the idea of ​​Julien Lopetegi, who knows ...