In the whirlwind of rapidly changing events of modern football, it is easy to lose sight of Cavani's breakthrough years in the Italian Championship with Palermo and Napoli, thanks to which he drew the attention of the world sports community.

Becoming a talent

Initially, Cavani was heard after the 2007 tournament in Canada, where the World Youth Championship was held. But he revealed himself as a talented striker in the championship of South America among youth teams, where he with three goals became the top scorer.

Milan and Juventus were aiming at him, but Maurizio Zamparini was the quickest of all, and after a few months Cavani fought for the starting lineup in Palermo. The following season, he has already scored 14 goals for his new club.

Cavani did not slow down in the 2009/10 season, scoring 15 goals and now the leadership was not able to resist the tempting offers to buy the Uruguayan striker. By the way, Kazan Rubin made an offer to the leadership of Palermo to buy Cavani. But another club of Serie A - Napoli could agree.

His first season in Naples, he began a shock. He scored 17 goals and, in excellent physical and playful form, Cavani drove with his team to the America's Cup 2011.

Cavani past glory

The 2011 season for the Uruguayan team is marked by the strongest team in the attack position. The trident of the attack Cavani-Forlan-Suarez instilled horror in any opponent.

Edison is located on the right flank, Suarez on the left, Forlan in the center. Unfortunately, “Matador” in the last match of the group stage against Mexico was injured and dropped to the very end, in which he could get out only in the 63rd minute.

They won the important final against Paraguay with a score of 3: 0, but it is clear that Cavani was not considered a successor. He had to return to Italy and prove again what he was worth.

"Matador" in action

Returning to Italy, Cavani again rushed to the heights: 23 goals in the championship and fantastic games against Manchester City in the Champions League made him a real talisman of Napoli. Departure from the main tournament in Europe was also memorable: in the confrontation with Chelsea, Napoli managed to win at home with a score of 3: 1, but eventually flew out, losing away with a score of 4: 1. But the trophy was won this season anyway: Juventus was replayed with the score 2: 0 in the Italian Cup.

Again, the phone Aurelio De Laurentiis does not stop for a second. Cavani wants the best clubs in Europe, but it is impossible to break him. such an attacker needs Napoli. True, his persistence was only enough for one more season, which turned out to be the most productive for the Uruguayan striker: 38 goals, including 29 in the championship. At the end of the year, Edinson received the Golden Shoe of Serie A - the prize to the best scorer of the championship.

Dreams Come True

Cavani beckoned Paris with a fabulous fee, but there was one little blot in this whole tale: in PSG he would be in the background. The main star of the “Parisians” was Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who played too freely on the entire front of the attack, so for the newly arrived Cavani there was a place only on the flank. But even from the flank, where he was unusual to play, he managed to excel 81 times in 147 matches.

With the departure of the Swedes to Manchester United, Cavani really flourished, if such an expression applies to a footballer who is already 30 years old. Now he was number one in the team and all eyes were turned only to him. This continued until the arrival of Neymar and Mbappe, who again pushed the Uruguayan into the background. However, Cavani is still the main option in the attack of the team and its performance is amazing.

The history has a lot of players who have received recognition already many years after the end of a career. Sadly, but Cavani can also please in this cohort, which will be terribly unfair. It is not known whether Cavani will become the leader of PSG in the wild competition, but, given his outstanding performance, we will remember him as one of the best center forward in the world.