Football world is in disarray with no consensus on who deserves the just concluded ballon d'or award win.

This is because a few players put in outstanding performance across competitions.

One of those players who feels hard done by and have a claim to the award,albeit he has already won it severally is the Portuguese super star Cristiano Ronaldo.

The award Is usually gifted to an individual majorly on two criterias:

The individual and collective(team) performance during the year.

If these are the main criterias and "compensation" to other players is not another criteria then ronaldo is truly deserving of the award.

looking at his performance for the previous football calendar year it was as scintillating as it usually is.

On an individual and club performance basis, real madrid won their third consecutive champions league trophy last season.

Who was in the heart of this trophy winning machines?a certain Cristiano Ronaldo.

He carried the team tirelessly even when they played poorly at times, his 15 goals in the tournament gave them the trophy and he became the highest goal scorer in the tournament, for good reason then the portuguese is dubbed mr champions league.

Who will forget his overhead, bicycle kick against juventus in turin,a kick that ultimately led the old ladies lads to pack and leave the competition?

such was the beauty of the kick that though the fans knew their quest for champions league trophy is going to continue the next season,it did not stop them from giving the man that is sendng their dreams down the drain a thunderous applause and standing ovation.

Though madrid did not get their hands on la liga but ronaldo's 26 goals,last season, bested only by messi after playing nine games less than the argentine shows the portuguese had a good run in the league.

Portugal were eliminated in world cup by Uruguay but before then the portuguese gave a good account of himself.

Every football enthusiasts will remember the spain vs portugal tie as one of the highlights of the world cup.

Who made it that interesting?it was Ronaldo,the tie was later renamed by some as spain vs Ronaldo and we know why,the scoreline was a 3-3 draw,with all portugal goals coming from Ronaldo.spain had a superior game plan,and organization,compared to spain, portugal lacked quality, but they had Ronaldo. He gave as much as he got.

It is the reason why despite being knocked out in the round of 16, he still emerged second highest goal scorer in the competition.

While the portuguese will no doubt feel unjustly treated, he seems to have left the rants and protest to his fans and relatives as the situation is an open book that anyone could wade in.

Taking to heart this adage will be golden,"He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day"(loosely translated,it can be a good and acceptable decision to leave a difficult situation)

2019 is ahead and it seems it is going to be a good year for him, he has already started making records at his new club(Juventus)

The team's top priority is the champions league, and that was why he was enlisted to deliver the elusive trophy to the side. As a specialist in the competition.

with a side brimming with young talents and the Ronaldo factor, who is there to know what that collaboration will produce?

It may as well be the year he lay his hands on his sixth ballon d'or trophy, until then, he will keep setting the pace!

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