On a day like this where, Lionel Andrés Messi officially has said his very emotional farewell to his boyhood club, his own dear Barcelona,something else is boiling fervently underneath.

Messi's next club is virtually sealed. Yeah you guessed right, IT IS PSG! Infact Jorge Messi, Lionel's father, received the official contract papers from PSG this very morning,Sunday August 8th,2021,after a major advancement in talks which had been going on since Thursday. What is left is for the footballing and sports legend himself,Lionel Messi to append his signature. Messi is ready to accept ofcourse and will do so as part of the final details for the sealing of this deal. Right now Messi's camp is already planning for travelling, medicals and unveiling. This is as revealed by famed Italian juggernaut of a journalist, Fabrizio Romano. You know when Fabrizio speaks,you can take it to the bank.


Farewell Messi.Congratulations to the footballing god himself. Urm the Gunners faithfuls like me, can we now stop dreaming too much and make do with some reality now. By the way in the picture above,few days back Messi was with some friends in PSG holidaying in Ibiza- Neymar,Di Maria and co. It was all by happenstance though.

What an extreme amalgamation,nay a consortium or constellation of the most luminous stars in world football domiciled in PSG right now. I trust Pochettino the coach will know to tune this glistening state of the art squad not to sound like a cacophony,but an euphony.

We look in awe.


Sorry let's not get distracted. Once again congrats god Messi! Barca will be without Messi for the first time in 21years. What a day in football,I could go on and on...