In Mathematics, the above is roughly called a Venn diagram. It represents each quantity ( or set,in Mathematical parlance) with a circle and it shows the interaction between them. Overlapping portions signify a quantity that is common to the overlapping sets.

I happen to still remember that this is football we are talking about here and I can understand the mighty sentiments and emotions that go with things like this; even the rivalry therein. Notwithstanding I wish to proceed on this somewhat delicate task.

We have three sets and oh my, as far as I know the selections are quite impeccable. You would not argue that Xavi and Zidane belong to the playmaking greats or that Maradona and Ronaldinho were lovers of the football( I mean how they just love to have the ball and dribble). By the way an Austin Okocha of Nigeria was a mercurial dribbler too who mentored Ronaldinho at a time in PSG. Furthermore you can't deny how that these men(Pele and Cristiano) both had and has respectively, such an angelic eye for goals. For them it's like they are/were goal drunk– for example, Pele very recently said he would have scored even more if he had a Xavi playing with him.

So overall, give and take, the diagram can pass as decent. What may be controversial is that a certain player stands alone in the intersection of the three sets, meaning a certain Lionel Messi, is great at doing whatever each of those sets stands for. This is especially grevious to those who consider Zidane or especially Cristiano as the Greatest of All Time(GOAT). Actually, this post has no affiliation with the argument of who is better between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, perhaps those who are interested in that can listen to Sir Alex Ferguson not me: https://m.facebook.com/search/posts/?q=pele%20said%20he%20would%20have%20scored%20more%20with%20xavi&source=filter&isTrending=0&tsid=0.8327245864459751#!/story.php?story_fbid=5723198371031086&id=1254630987887869&__xts__%5B0%5D=12.Abrv8twHpOGnOhNS_yDrjMIKssnwIV69l86-CekWm8M3AhBfl8PkGOfF9ystmKxPH5yeupdMLHvX9JwOgbDeVm1lT-puMIIRuE3YHuxDsRTYcuRlRvnmr_W86YSgtN2hMUA1PZNJy18qfOhDrnTaMC9EMft3WGKzAxv4sevTvZtqLuM0rFy8J91vyY8MLGGLRnzQ4dobLVtXPnZaVSv43eL5GELiVIEhYpt-9lICsMc0cVrOAzq-TIlYlDDKTBHV0LDrti-035x9YfXBZG1F88BBQxvPYwiEDBU5-bocsFhoDNlXNEauiboXpL2WWZ1QaHwtN7hXqpalw9aawUGiavvtVpC7FRRWn0jZIFo7rsog9ycG3M7WKrDUCM1u2FUex4Q&__tn__=%2As%2As

My focus here is that from the point of view of a neutral, this diagram explains the beauty of the man called Messi, he's such a genius, I must say.

What say ye?