It is now confirmed that Zinedine Yazid Zidane,the current Manager of Real Madrid football will not be staying beyond this season. A club he also enjoys legendary status due to his valiant exploits as a player.

It has been revealed that he even told his players exactly this in the dressing room before the two all draw against Sevilla last week. I wonder if that was a wong timing for a must-win match. Well it has been confirmed that he is off after this season and the Madrid heirarchy is aware of his decision to quit.

Reports suggests he wants a break from the mental and physical exhaustion of his current employment especially after his team endured an astronomical over a hundred injuries in this season alone. Infact he has worked miracles with his side throughout this season with this kind of injury occurrence.

His side still can win the Laliga with only two matches left,though it is a formidable Atlético who are the favorites leading Madrid with two points.

He will be remembered for his winning mentality and calmness, a unique coaching style that wowed the whole of Spain and Europe. His mind-blowing record of three consecutive Champions league wins will probably never again be achieved.

He's ofcourse a hot cake now,with at least Juventus eyeing him, another club where he enjoys legendary status.

All hail the master himself,fondly called Zizou and farewell to him.