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Influencer Marketing in Sports is a huge business. Sports Men like Christiano Ronaldo and Lebron James make a cool amount of cash from Helping different brands like Nike and Adidas brand their product.

Ronaldo signed a Lifetime deal with Nike in November 2016. And this has enabled the Sporting Wear Giant leverage the players brand to get a massive penetration of the Sports Wear Market.

Now you can Imagine the kind of revenue that Nike will make from this partnership, but lets leave that aside. I am not here to talk about the Money, I am here to talk about the reason that make people open their wallets to buy Sporting Wears 

Is it just because they are Fans of the Players in question ?

Or is it because they support the Clubs that also have partnership with the Sportwear brand ?

The answer to this is something most people don't expect- The answer is Discipline.

Yes Discipline. Discipline makes people buy Sport Wears

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The Sports Field is an arena , and this arena is not one where inexperienced people can thrive . It is an arena for Gladiators.

Discipline is one amazing thing  that is capable of changing your life. When you gain discipline in an area of Life, people will admire you and even pay to come and watch you perform.

While we admire sportsmen like Lebron James or Usain Bolt. We admire them for the level of expertise that they have been able to garner in their own sport. 

However the truth is that the Human Brain in wired to take the easy way out. We admire hardwork when we see the fruits of it in someone else, but most times we don't take those steps or we may just be incapable of taking them for one reason or the other.

So there is a desire in us to find something to feel that hole inside us. So we resort to other things. 

Club Jerseys and Kits are the best next way to feel like your favorite Sports Man. So when buying a new Nike Kit an average person has it in the back of their mind whether consciously or unconsciously that wearing those kits will make them :

Jump Like Lebron  

It does not matter if they have not gone through the same level of training and workouts that Lebron goes through, with those kits in their leg they feel empowered beyond what most people can understand.

A new kit makes one believe that he can achieve anything and it even help some build their self confidence. I have seen kids who play sports in the street play with joy while mimicking their favorite athlete.

That's the feeling that Sports Wear companies bank on.

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Motivation is huge business. We all know the Famous Nike Slogan, that motivates Millions worldwide

Just Do It

It creates a sense of Urgency in people that propels them to work on their dreams and achieve what they thought was never possible.

This is the major reason why I love Sports, it is one of the few Human endeavours that cuts across all sections in Life. And I have found out that Sports is considerably immune to a lot of issues that threaten Human relationships.

The just concluded World Cup united people from all over the world, It also gave us a chance to share in the culture of other people from around the World.

It is in this great Human pool that we have the chance to really inspire ourselves and push forth to utilize the great potentials inside us.

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