Ronaldo's tour of Italy is frustrating, sorrow, trouble. We did not get three straight goals. He admitted that he was under a lot of pressure on not getting the goal. The pressure to reduce the pressure to a less controversial decision was to leave the field, the Portuguese soldier had to leave the field. Juventus-Valencia's first match in the Champions League In the 29th minute, a player from Valencia thought it was as if Ronaldo dropped him. Ronaldo went to the player's hair and took the incident to a red card.

The television replays showed that Valencia played only the player. Unlike the VAr, the defender could have received a red card for the drama. This is not the end here. There are more events - field referee did not want to give red card at the beginning. Ronaldo showed the red card with the opinion of the referee next to the goal line referee. The real star left the field with the wet eyes and came to Juventus this season. The whistle is heard, Ronaldo can be banned for three matches! But in this champions league, he needs to be very much Juventus.

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