Tottenham board and president Daniel Levy, have failed in persuading Brenda Rodgers to the White Heart Lanes for the optint time.

For a while now, the Tottenham board have continuously expressed interest in the current Leicester City manager. Nonetheless, with current events, Brenda Rodgers seems not to be interested in the offer.

Initial options for Daniel Levy

Brenda Rodgers and Julian Nagelsmann were Daniel Levy's preferred options, after the exit of Jose Mourinho.

However, Nagelsmann was announced as Bayern Munich's next manager, taking him out of the available options.

With Nagelsmann removed from the available options, Rodgers is the seeming preferred choice left.

Brendan Rodger's stand

According to reports, Brenda Rodgers is said to have skepticisms about taking on the Tottenham Job.

The stand of Rodgers is understandable, as he is on the verge of bringing Leicester City back to the champions league.

Rodgers and his lads

Rodgers has built a formidable team at Leicester City, one that he would not want to forfeit for anything.

Moving on, due to the position Leicester have attained under Rodgers, a measure of job security is assured for him. Under the current Tottenham board, that form of job assurance is far from certain.

Rightly so, the reign of Rodgers has brought smiles to the faces of most Leicester supporters.

Asides from the season they won the premier league, this year has by far been their best. Little wonder Brenda Rodgers is not in a hurry to leave.


As looks to be the case, Daniel Levi does not desire to let his search for a manager elongate much longer.

He would most likely get another candidate if Rodgers keeps on being unresponsive. Nonetheless, we keep our fingers crossed to see who emerges as their manager.

Article Writer ✏️ Ordu Daniel