A finding on the death of Argentine legend Diego Maradona has revealed his medical practitioners acted rashly, leading to his death.

The death of Diego Maradona

The Argentine legend kicked the bucket, sometime in November last year. He was reported to have suffered from heart delinquency.

His death has prompted fingers to be pointed in different directions, concerning who could be responsible.

Scrutinies on the death of Maradona

Prosecutors in Argentina have initiated scrutiny about events leading up to his death.

This examination involves surveying properties of Maradona's doctors, as well as other medical staff who looked after him.

Revelations on events surrounding Maradona's death

The Argentine legend was reported to have been battling Alcohol and hard-drug addiction. In line with the effects of that, he had to undergo surgery on his brain.

Moving on, reports have revealed that Maradona would have stood a considerable likelihood of survival if he received sufficient medical attention.


These revelations indicate complete inadequacy and incompetence from the medical practitioners on duty.

All the findings point to the fact that the medical personnel’s knew that Maradona situation could become deadly. Nonetheless, they displayed an indifferent attitude, leaving his survival to odds.

Actions from the medical practitioners

After the surgery of Maradona, he was discharged from the hospital and told to go home. Nonetheless, recent findings have revealed that he was not in full control of his mental faculty when he was discharged.

The above disclosure displays the height of recklessness on the part of his doctors.


All findings point to the fact that Diego Amando Maradona was not properly monitored by doctors, before his death on November 25th 2020.

Without a doubt, adequate punishment will be meted out to those who are responsible for these unprofessional attitudes.

Article Writer ✏️ Ordu Daniel