Manchester City left-back Benjamin Mendy has been refused bail by UK prison officials. This became the case as he awaits his court trial over potential allegations of rape.

According to reports, the Manchester City star had thought that he would be put under the Vulnerable Prisoner (VP) section due to his status in society.

Details on the Vulnerable Prisoner section

Just like any other prison cell, prisons in the United Kingdom have the section tagged VP.

These sections are to be occupied by stars and celebrities who have been either proven guilty in court or are awaiting court trials on serious cases.

However, according to reports, prison officials have refused Benjamin Mendy to gain access to the VP section. Urging him to remain alongside prisoners who are not celebrities.

Based on Mendy's statement, he highlighted that he was told by the head of the prison department that he would be sent to the VP section. Nonetheless, seeing that he would be mixing with other prisoners was far from a pleasant experience for Mendy.

Details on Benjamin Mendy's rape charge

The Man-City defender has been charged with four counts of rape according to the English media. Among the rape counts are also a count of sexual assault.

According to statements about the rape charges, Benjamin Mendy has been accused of rape attacks on three different women. With further details suggesting an under 18 aged girl was involved.


Bearing in mind that Mendy's case still awaits trial, would it be tagged appropriately for him to have been kept alongside other prisoners?

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Article Writer ✏️ Ordu Daniel