Ex-Newcastle manager Steve Bruce could be on the verge of quitting the game of football entirely.

This proved to be this case after he has constantly received a series of abusive statements from the Newcastle fan. More to that, Steve Bruce revealed that these abusive statements did not affect him alone, but the mental health of his wife as well.

Details on Steve Bruce's exit

The 60-year-old manager was sacked by new Saudi Arabian owners of the Newcastle side. At first, it seemed like both parties left of fairgrounds.

Nonetheless, with recent revelations, it now sounds like the ex-Newcastle manager was coerced into his actions.

Steve Bruce releases statements after his exit

Speaking to the Telegraph, Bruce made it clear that he could be saying his final goodbyes to football due to the reactions he has so far received.

He went on to highlight that the insults reigned on him by the Newcastle fans has taken a toll on the mental health of several of his family members.

Highlights of the abusive speeches rained on Steve Bruce

According to Bruce, the fans of Newcastle have never really wanted him around from the word go. However, at its initial stages, he believed he could handle the pressure.

Yet, over time, Bruce has constantly been booed by fans and supporters at Newcastle. With the constant booing and lack of support suffered by Steve Bruce, he realized that it was time to say his goodbyes.


Without a doubt, Steve throughout his reign made it a point of duty to give Newcastle his best. Nonetheless, since it was not appreciated by the fans, his decision to leave can be seen as the best option.

Article Writer ✏️ Ordu Daniel