The first thing Diego Costa did, as anyone who had some stuff to deal with would do, was getting rid of Ramos and Varane and embarrass Keylor Navas with a goal in the first minute of the match. Those nine minutes in Lisbon, when he had ended up injured, those tears were not easy to forget. So as soon as he recovered, he unleashed all the fury that he had kept. Then after sticking with Ramos so many times, what was essential, he equalized and blew off steam on the opposite part of the pitch, where the rival’s fans were watching the duel. During the Saul’s and Koke’s goals he also was there assisting.

Costa and Ramos represented one of those old times duels, like when the players hadn’t yet shared the shirt with Spanish colors. Fighting for the ball in the air, on the ground and whenever the fate matched them. That’s how they already found themselves in the tiny Lillekula stadium in the Estonian capital.

There were sparks of all colors between these two players during those 107 minutes on the pitch. And hardly had it been a month and a half since Russia eliminated Spain from the World Cup on penalties. That day Ramos didn’t miss his shot and yesterday, having Juanfran in his area, he wasn’t nervous too. Even though Jan Oblak was in the goalposts. In Tallinn he scored just as Ronaldo would have done. But as he’s no longer here, Ramos has some work apart from defense. The penalties are on him now. So it could have been worth a title as well.

Simeone in a box

It was an official debut of Lopetegui in Real Madrid, and, obviously, he is still new at the club. He didn’t even have enough time to greet his team’s players, among them Vitolo, who was on the bench yesterday. It’s one of the values Julen upheld while being a coach for the national team. It took a few seconds for him to react when he didn't find Simeone. His namesake in the rival’s dugout was Mono Burgos. It was an anecdote that preceded 90 minutes of screams (almost roars) loaded with decibels every time he saw something he did not like. And when it was the time to make a substitution, he rose over the player to make sure that his instructions were clear. Lopetegui, what happened to Simeone too, was left in a small working zone.

Because Cholo, who is still sanctioned after the sending off in the first semi-final match against Arsenal in London, had to stay in a small box, right behind the bench, standing during almost the entire match. There he was free to protest and gesticulate at will. He even broke loose to erupt over Saul’s missile and Koke’s swipe, with which everything ended. With which Atletico managed to win the European Super Cup final against Madrid. The Argentinian didn’t want to lag behind Lopetegui and during extra time he was focused on correcting his players at the top of his lungs. And, of course, he ended up hoarse. In this sphere, Julen has an advantage.

Courtois, same as his former coach, happened to live his first derby for Real in the stands. The goalkeeper wasn't registered and Lopetegui didn't have to face his first dilemma. Although he didn't play, Thibaut had time to be scolded by his ex-fan. Dressed in a suit and tie, in the company of other discards Vallejo and Odriozola, he crossed the pitch passing by Atletico fans before the beginning of the match. The Belgian restrained himself. He knows that there will be many of such incriminations ahead. 

Source: El Mundo