It's probably not too much to say, if this season does not exactly go down in the history books, as a Manchester United's best .. Before tonight's match, United were registered in a position in the league, which realistically can mean that there is no European football on the menu next season - we have a long way to go since this last happened!

Conversely, tonight's guests from Brentford have had a great season, who are promoted from the Champions League, and with their form in mind, there could possibly be more points to pick up against a United team that does not scare anyone.

From the start of the match, it could also look as if Brentford had intended to take three points, as we only had ten seconds into the match before they were close to reaching tonight's first chance. It was perhaps this little shock that was to come before the many millionaires of the home team found out that the match had started, because after that it looked like a United team, which for once this season played freely with fine combinations. One of these combinations also led to the home team after just ten minutes being able to take the lead by Bruno Fernandes. This was the Portuguese's first goal in his last ten matches for the club team. The rest of the first half, United continued the fine pace, and Ronaldo was able to score to 2-0 shortly before the break, which, however, was rejected on an offside ruling