how well do you know your talent?

Let's start from the definition of Talent

a special natural ability or aptitude.

You start to display your talent right from the time you where a kid, your parents watch you doing those stuff you like doing and tell them self, you going to be a great person, and it turns out that the world has change your destination because you allow it to influence your thinking.

You no longer give a care of where you are going but pay more attention to those heading to their own distination. 'Wow it work out for him' you said, you reverse like a car and follow them to their destination, suddenly you become confuse. 'I thought you said it worked out for you' you said. Lol your talent is not equals to theirs. Every body has their various ways that leads them to their talent.

that in born ability /skill(s) that brings happiness and joy to your mind irrespective of the earnings is termed your talent. don't contradict talent with knowledge. You just don't need only talent to succeed ,the knowledge of it application is required. The knowledge you will acquire will help you to strategize how to work in to perfection, how to earn money with it. How to get more develop with it etc.

You need people to work you into your destination.

No one wakes up in the morning and meet success, you have to meet success. No matter how you try, how you struggle, you need people to work you in to you destination. Every one has that person or group of persons they needs to help, is part of your gift, is part of who you are. Don't let any thing to turn you away from who you are, will it come from pride, lack of respect, not humble, not loyal, selfishness, greediness etc. You have to stand to who you are and your purpose in life.

failure most be overcome

Failure is one thing that you must always expect, you mustn't exclude it in you agenda. Failure is some thing you must pay attention to, else it will come back and hit you right there it met you. Failure shoudnt be overlook if you actually determine to meet success. Failure will surely come. Failure is not for life time, is just for the main time, for you to learn lesson from it, if you don't it will keep hitting you back to the grass. failure is a loser to those that are ready to challenge it no matter how it comes.

two ways to over come failure

1) learn from it, and use your experience against it.

2) learn from others, and use their experience against it.

success await you.

success is not a brother to any body, is a friend that any one can make for them selves.

One thing about success path ,is that is never straight, and there is no shortcut to it.

you need some one to hold your hand to your destination

there are some people that will direct and help you on how to meet success (your sponsors, your mentors, your friends) and there are people that will hold your hands for you to achieve that success. They are your love ones. In the path of success always be ready to take down any obstacles . Be ready for the worst. You don't walk into the path of success without talent and backup (knowledge and people ready to help you achieve your dream(s) . Most especially God back up.)

always get ready for the worst

hope you find this article helpful see you on the my next post.