El Clasico which is the biggest La Liga fixtures between the two league giants Barcelona and Real Madrid has now been postponed due to political unrest in Catalunya. It was gathered that the Spain supreme court on Monday jailed nine Catalan political leaders over the issue of independence referendum that occur in 2017 for 9 to 12 years for post independence declaration. Barcelona is suppose to host Real Madrid on October 26 at Camp Nou but following the court decision, the street of Barcelona and his hinterland has been hit by lot of crisis between some group of protester and security agents.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) which is made up of a representative from the league, from the federation and one independent member has now confirmed the postponement of the game after La Liga has first made a suggestion to them to shift the game to Santiago Bernabeu in which was not accepted by Real Madrid and there has been speculation of taking the game to a neutral ground but both clubs had also rejected that as well and that will now make both clubs fans to wait till December for the game according to the RFEF decision, though two date are still under consideration but it seem the game will be shifted to December 7 which may also not favour Real Madrid because the club will be facing Club Brugge away from home in the champions league two days before that date.

All domestic games this week in Catalunya has also be postponed for security reasons. The RFEF believes the game between Barcelona and Real Madrid was postponed because many spectators will see Camp Nou as an avenue to protest over the Spanish supreme court decision which will also have negative implication over the game and with the fact that there will be an open protest in the street of Barcelona on October 26 which is the same day schedule for the game before, the game had to be postpone.

Both clubs rejected the initial way out due to the fact that they think the fixtures Calendar needs to be respected and as well as their fans, there was another option to play the game on December 18 but was rejected as well by the Spanish league because it will fall on midweek, they actually want the game to take place on weekend. The decision to postpone the game was also supported by the Spanish government saying it was really right that the RFEF together with La Liga has come up with such an idea because with the look of things now, it is not advisable to play the game the same day there will be protest in the street of Barcelona.

Bercelona will be playing away from Camp Nou this weekend to Eibar while Real Madrid will also be playing against Mallorca away too but some fixtures which involves matches in Catalunya may not likely hold due to the political unrest in the city. Barcelona have also shown their support to the family of the political leaders that was jail by saying "prison is not the solution" and have seek the intervention of other political leaders to settle the conflict amicably.

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