This week, my moan day post will be tailored toward Paris Saint German star Neymar Jr who is now be taking as an object of a scornful by the club fans. There is no doubt that for any player to settle down in any club, he really needs the support of the fans but there are some cases whereby home fans go against there own player probably due to one reason or the other but most of the time, it is either the player is trying to force a move out of the club or he is not really playing to their taste. When a player is doing well in a club, the fans will always want him to stay and even when the club chooses to sell him out in other to make some profit, the fans have their own way of approaching to the decision just to paraphrase how important fans are to club and players.

Neymar Jr really needs to be encourage because it is obviously clear now that the PSG fans are not really on his side again due to the fact that he is trying to dump the club for Barcelona in the summer transfer window. Neymar who joined the club some years back on a record transfer fees did not find it difficult to settle down in Paris as the club fans gave him a welcoming party then but his return to the team after almost 125 days of not featuring for the club was not really a good one at all as the fans boo him from the beginning to the end against Strasbourg.

Neymar returns to action for the club last Saturday against Strasbourg at the Parc des Princes but some of the club fans couldn't hide the anger towards the player as some of them labelled him a betrayer and some banners were even raised against him saying he was trying to leave the club to join old team mate Messi and lot of foul words were used against him to the extent that the club had to tell the fans to take it slow with him and show him some respect.

Things is not really going as expected with the player at the club, Neymar before joining PSG was tipped by many football lovers to win the prestigious Ballon d'Or award someday and when the deal happened between Barcelona and PSG two years ago, many people believes it is really a good move because that will make him to standout from Messi and Ronaldo shadow in Spain. He arrived at Paris and immediately formed a good partner upfront with Cavani and Mbappe in the team until PSG crashed out from the Champions league that season which is one of the reason why they signed him.

Despite scoring on his return, the fans boo every of his touches while some fans even sing his name as son of a b**** but either the fans like it or not, the player will still remain in Paris till another window open and maybe the transfer can work out then but for now, they really need to show him the love he deserve because that will bring out the best in him and also go a long way in helping the club to achieve their goals for this season. Everyone knows what Neymar is capable of on the pitch but it is only if the fans will allow it to work because their support matters a lot.

My Word For Neymar

He just need to focus on the game and never allow the fans to influence his play and just like what he said after the drama

Everybody knows what happened. If they want to boo me, let them boo me. I have nothing to say to the fans. They come to support the team and they can do what they want.
I have nothing against the PSG fans. They welcomed me two years ago with a big party and I’ll never forget that. It will remain in my heart.

The fans are only doing that to show their loyalty to the club which they also want to see in him and with time, i know he will win their heart back with his actions on the pitch. He just need to forget about the insult now and think about the love he received 2 years ago and that will help him to will the fans heart.

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