I will like to sign in this moan day post edition with a motivational quote that says

Even the broken crayon still colour.

Just like some people who have been following the moan day post will realize it is a post that focuses on some downfalls that happens in the world of sport a week ago and today, after throwing my hook and line into the ocean of teams that experienced some downfalls over the week, my hook catches no other fish than San Marino national team which i believe many of us that has been following the EURO 2020 qualification will know that this team deserves some encouragement.

San Marino in group I is nothing but a failure, failure in the sense that they are yet to win a match in the group since the beginning of their qualifying games and the most surprising aspect of it is the fact that the team has failed to register a goal so far in the group after like 8 matches. They look like the worst team i have ever seen so far as far as playing the round leather game is concern or better still let me say they are just like a bonus in the group as every other countries in that group has registered a win against them in a whitewash results. Their recent lost in the group was against Scotland which also ended up in a 6-0 scoreline in favour of Scotland national team.

I'm not looking at it from the point that they didn't win any game so far in the group but from the point that they were unable to have a goal to their name in 8 group matches and has went on to conceded 43 goals which is not too good for a team striving for a place in next year European tournament. Despite the fact that they are already eliminated in the group for the tournament, scoring a goal would have mean a lot to them but the team lack everything in the game. The game plan was not too good and the players were not too clinical in front of goal and from my own point of view, even a high school team will still give them a run for their money.

All though the result may look like something that is meaningless looking at it from the angle of the kind of team San Marino was up against but Scotland on the other end need the result more than anything in other to make it to the play off stage which will commence March next year after putting a great performance in the nations league. John McGinn in that game set a record by becoming the first Scottish player to completed an hat-trick goal in the first 45 minutes in every of Scotland competitive matches since Lawrie Reilly did in 1952. The player put Scotland ahead in the game in just 12 minutes of action between both teams and again in the 27 minutes, he completed his brace before making it 3 goals lead for Scotland in last minutes of the first half.

After the half break, Scotland went on to added another 3 goals to make it 6 goals to nil and that take the aggregate scoreline between the two sides to 27-0 in every of their meetings. Shankland and Findlay who are just making their debut for Scotland in that game also get themselves on the scoring sheet in the 65 and 67 minutes respectively before Armstrong power in a powerful free kick in the 86 minutes. There was nothing so spectacular about San Marino in that game as they allow Scotland to dominated the whole minutes of play. They only has 2 shots on target in the game compared to 13 from Scotland.

My Word For Them

Just like the motivational quote i used at the beginning of this post that even a broken crayon still colour. Already the team is out of the race for the tournament next year but they can't denied the fact that they are part of the European countries and that is why they need to rise up to their feet when they will be playing another competitive game. The country needs to go back to their grassroot to do some talent hunt and get some young lads who are really talented and can represent the country very well in any major competitions. The team is now a broken crayon but can still colour if they go back to their grassroot and it is on this note that i will be signing out with the same password i used to sign in which is

Even the broken crayon still colour.

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I hope you find this post interesting and educating until then I remain my humble self @oxygen02. Thanks For Reading 👍