The way Chelsea play this days reminds me of Arsenal during the period of Arsene Wenger with the way they dominate every match with their so called "Arsenal pattern." This is the pattern they are popularly known for and it is the joy of every fans to see their team dominating every game but football this days goes beyond dominating but getting good results.

If there is one club I love for dominating matches, it is Barcelona and not only for dominating games with their possession but for the fact that they always get results with their tiki taka pattern. Football this days has gone beyond kick and follow like we use to know it to be.

One thing Sarri has change about Chelsea since his arrival at the club is the fact that the club always dominate every matches with possession with the playing pattern called "SarriBall tactics" this tactics allows the ball to move round the pitch starting from the goal keeper to every player on the field.

Chelsea is not the type of club that passes the ball around the field from one player to another, it is a club well known for their defensive style of play and mostly on the counter attack because I could still remember vividly against Barcelona in the champions league some years back where Barcelona was dominating the match with possession and Chelsea was busy defending and at the end, Chelsea was the team who proceeded to the next round of the competition.

On the other side, Arsenal during the period of Arsene Wenger will always go into every match with their attacking minded and their "Arsenal pattern" of play and later end up loosing against the like of Barcelona, Bayern Munich while Chelsea will always defend against this clubs and later won either on away goal or penalty shootout.

The match between Chelsea and Manchester United in the FA Cup which ended 2-0 in Favour of Manchester United bring back the memory of Arsenal football club during Wenger regime and currently, it seems Arsenal is the old Chelsea and Chelsea is the old Arsenal because this "SarriBall tactics" has even failed to produce a goal against Bournemouth which is the club biggest defect in almost 23 years and against Manchester City that ended 6-0 recently, same thing also happened against Manchester United in the FA cup.

Though, Chelsea is playing good football this days unlike the team olden days pattern of play that allow the team to sit back and allow other teams to enjoy the game but either you won on possession or not doesn't matter, what matters most is the maximum points. Chelsea won the champions league not because they play good football but for the fact that the team knows their weakness and they concentrated on it.

What Chelsea do this days is to enjoy the game for the whole 90 minutes while their opponents end up scoring them. Maybe when you enjoy the game to some extent, you forget the idea behind the game which is to score goals and secure the maximum points and that is what I see in the old Arsenal team.

The old Arsenal team will always won on possession and even when they get to the box 18, you will never see the team striking any shot and that is what I see in this Chelsea team unlike when the team still has the likes of Ballack, Lampard, Essien who can score from long range.

Jorginho who was the brain of SarriBall tactics is not the type that can score long range goal, all he is capable of is making short passes and when it comes to protecting the back line, he is not the kind of player who can do the marking like Ngolo Kante. The way Chelsea play this days is just like Arsenal some years back.

I hope you find this post interesting and educating, until then, I remain my humble self @Oxygen02. Thanks For Reading👍