One thing about history is that history don't forget things and you may be wondering what actually brings about this topic, former Chelsea player Cascarino who plays for the team between 1992 and 1994 says something of recent that the current Chelsea team is just like the Chelsea team of 1992 which he was part of and one can not just go against his assertion here because he really have a full knowledge of the team performance then and with the current team form now since the league resumed.

Nevertheless, there is still need to approach his assertion historically because there is this saying that the past is the key to the present because history serves as a road map for us today and one of the beat way to understand so many things today is by looking into the past. Cascarino in 1992 joined Chelsea from Celtic and could only manage 8 goals for the club in 40 appearances for the club throughout his period there.

Chelsea this season is a club that has his future in the hands of the youth most especially the academy graduates which has been so spectacular for the club since the start of the season. Chelsea in 1992 don't really have a good season as far as present football is concern because the club that year finished in the 11th position with just 56 points and 44 matches, 44 matches in the sense that the league then is made up of 22 teams unlike now that will have 20 teams contesting for the trophy.

In this post, i will go against what Cascarino says about the comparison between the team of 92 and the present team. Although it may be too early to talk about where Chelsea will finish in the league this season but with the present look of things, we can not compare the team to that of 92 because they are way ahead of the 92 team. Mick Harford was the top scorer for the club in 1992 with 11 goals compared to Abraham 7 goals in the league in just 5 weeks into the season which by prediction may hit up to 18 to 19 goals for the club this season and talking about the team performance, despite the fact that the club is still facing with a lot of problem, there is high tendency that they will finish in the top 6 if at all they can't make it to the top 4.

In 92 season, the failed to registered a win in their first 4 league matches after managing a draw in their first game against Oldham Athletic which ended 1-1 and losing their second game to Norwich on 2-1 scoreline, the went further to drew their next two games against Sheffield United and Blackburn Rovers on 3-3 and 0-0 respectively. In fact, looking at the team performance then, they were able to manage 9 points in 9 matches compared to the current Chelsea team performance so far in the league, currently occupying the 6th position with 8 points in 5 games. To me, the current Chelsea team is far ahead of the 92 team in terms of age and performance so far in the league.

I hope you find this post interesting and educating until then I remain my humble self @oxygen02. Thanks For Reading 👍