The most trending update in Paris, PSG to be precised is the fact that most of the home fans failed to hide their feelings toward Brazilian Captain Neymar Jr who wants to drop the club for his previous club Barcelona. He was labelled by many fans as someone who is not really loyal to the club considering the Love he was sgown when he arrived at the club 2 years back. Although the club has comes in to calm the fans and once again show their support for the Brazilian man.

One amazing thing about the round leather game is the fact that it allows players to switch from one club to another, that is you can never trust any player when ever the transfer market is approaching because there are lot of shocking moves that always break many fans heart and the game has witness countless of it to mention few, Adebayor once left Arsenal when he was at the club and during his arrival back to Emirates stadium with Tottenham Hotspur, he was fortunate to got a goal against his former club and he celebrated it in style and again we have seen players scoring their form club and yet will refused to celebrate it to show that in one way or the other, he is still part of the team.

Despite Neymar scoring the winning goal for PSG against Strasbourg some weeks back in what seems to be his first game for the club after been absence for almost 125 days, many of the fans still show their anger because they never expect the play to force a move away from the club. Even if he is going to leave the club for another club, it should have done it in a polite manner that will even makes the fans to have a good memory about him such as the case of Eden Hazard for Chelsea.

No matter the case may be, the player has never allow the hatred he received from the fans to affect his play on the pitch as he continues to make difference in the team ever since he arrived back to the team lineup by also winning the maximum points for the team in their last game against Lyon on Sunday. Many of the PSG fans continues to throw object at him in the game but once again, he was the one that really assured the club yet another 3 points in a game that was going to end up in draw.

It was really a big test for Tuchel's side against Lyon as the were without the services of some key players in the team such as Mbappe, Cavani, Mauro Icardi and Sarabia but the job was once on Neymar to deliver the Paris team which he did. Even some of the Lyon fans never show him any respect in that game with the way he was treated when he was about taking a corner for PSG but the player continues to do the talking on the pitch with the ball and finally in the 87 minutes, he gave those fans bulling him a shut up goal after receiving a pass from Angel Di Maria and finally beat the Lyon goal keeper with his shot.

As a player, the best way to win the heart of your fans back when they turn their back to you is for you to continue to make difference on the field which the player is doing now and with time, i know he will start receiving the love and support once again from the home fans.

I hope you find this post interesting and educating until then I remain my humble self @oxygen02. Thanks For Reading 👍