It was my first day at CMS High School and after my parents had completed my registration at the administrative department of the school, I was shown my class. It has always be my dream to attend the school because it was the best school in the whole local government. One of the things that amazed me about the school is how the school have be able to combine academics with sport, they always came out first in every quiz competition and there performance in sport is not that bad.

At noon that day after the bell had been rang for break time, I decided to take a walk round the school to see some beautiful architectural design of some of the classrooms and that is when I found myself in the group of some guys doing some ball jogging and every other students surrounded them with a flaming noise. I had no choice than join them, there is one guy who seems to be the best among those guys because the way he was moving the ball was so amazing. No wonder this school has always be doing good when it comes to football competition- the got some crazy talent.

The bell was rang again for every students to return to their various classroom and when I was heading towards my classroom, I jammed a boy who already knew I was a new student, he was not that tall, fair in completion with wave hair. Probably he had seen me with my parents in the morning or he noticed through my way of looking around. He moved closer to me and asked

"I guess you are a new students?"

"yes, and you?" I requested back.

"I'm in my second year in this school and I'm one of the school team player." He said.

From the way he talked, I noticed he had joined the school team in his first year. He told me his name his Dav and I told him my name is Ken, we finally exchange our hands in greetings before he head towards his class. I was so happy to meet Dav because through him I believe I can make it to the school team as well, what I have been craving for a long time ago.

The next day at school, the bell was rang again for break and I decide to use that period to look for Dav. I finally found him under the tree in from of his class and he was so happy to see me, he introduced me to some of his friends and we both exchange greetings. I told him my desire to join the school team and from the way he looked at me, I can tell he was happy. He asked me if I can make it to the training the next day around 6:00am and I told him I will. He told me that is when I can see the school coach and if I answer some of his questions and pass the screening exercise, then I will really be welcome to the team.

At the school training ground the following day, Dav took me to the coach and explained to him my interest to join the school team. The coach asked me if I had been playing football before and my position on the field, I told him I had some experience in street soccer and I can play as a striker. He smiled and replied me that "this is not a street soccer and besides, the team had lots of good strikers who are doing pretty well." Probably I can be very good for a ball boy he said.

I accepted the offer of become a ball boy for the team and I can see Dav was not really happy with my submit because he saw the way I move with the ball when the ball went out of play and I was there to retrieve it. The training ended and I returned back to my class for study, some of my classmates who had seen me at the training ground picking balls took me for an object of a scornful. I heard them saying "did he think I can just come from no where and break into the school team just like that."

Everyday, I will resumed at the training ground to pick balls for the team until a faithful day when the coach decided to reward me for my consistency. From what he said, he thought I will leave the first day he told me I don't have chance in the team but he was so surprised to see me coming everyday to pick balls for the team. I was asked to join the boys in jogging and shuttle run which I perfectly did. The coach asked me to play from the wing when he saw my speed, the training lasted for 30 minutes and he was overwhelmed to see the way I moved the ball and made some good crossing into the box.

"You made some good runs but I will like to see you cutting in from the edge to try some shot next time." The coach said

For the second time in my class, I became the talking point but I never allow the fallacies to distract me as I continued to impressed the coach at training. Few weeks later, the school coach told me to get myself prepared because the school will be playing a friendly match against a neighboring school in preparation for the forthcoming governor's cup.

My name was included in the 23 boys list to take part in the friendly match but I was not on the first 11 list, at half time, my school was down by one goal and the coach told me to warm up in the 54 minutes of the game, Jack was substituted for me and we continued to dominate the match and finally in the 87 minutes, I gave Dav a beautiful assist to bring the game back to 1-1. At school the next day, all the students was very happy with my performance and requested for more sensational display at the governor's cup that will hold in two weeks time.

The governor's cup commenced and I was registered with the rest of the players, we played the first match of the group stage and our school was defeated 3-1, I had to watch the whole match from the bench and in the second match, I came in as a substitute to give the school the 1 goal that gave us our first 3 points and in the last match of the group stage, I started from the wing and we won 3-1, I scored 1 goal and 1 assist before I was substituted for a minor injury which made the whole team worried.

My school managed to get to the final of the competition without me due to the injury I sustained in our last group stage match and the whole school can feel my absence in the team. On a freaky Friday, the final match took place between CMS High school and CAC group of school. The whole stadium was full of spectators from every schools and everyone was waiting for the outcome of the game and who will finally win the trophy.

I have been having some light training for the final because CAC had a good defense line and the coach became so worried of my injury. The game begins and both teams played with caution and instruction, at half time, it was still nil nil, the second half begins and CAC scored a beautiful stunner in the 51 minutes to make it 1-0 lead, our coach has made two substation and only left with one. I was introduced in the 80 minutes of the game, I had my first touch in the box and I wanted to curl the ball before I was knocked down and that earn us a penalty. I took the penalty and scored in 82 minutes. My team continue to dominate as CAC sit back defending but in the 89 minutes, I received a beautiful cross from Dav which I headed into the right corner of the post to make it 2-1 before the finally whistle was blew.

Note: Everything you read in this post is a fiction.

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