This is such a great topic to write about because nearly everyone will have one or two things to say when asked this type of question but you will be very surprised to hear some people loving the sport you hate most and this is where the popular saying that "one man food is another man poison" comes in.

Without racking my brain at all about this topic, my favourite sport is football and i don't it will change as time goes on because it is the most popular sport all over the world today and it is a sport everyone want to engages in. Gone are those days when parents use to discourage the ward not to play the game due to the fear of injury but now i think many parent now want their child to be a footballer even though some still don't like it, i must tell you it is fast growing.

One thing that amazed me about this sport is the fact that according to some psychologists such as John Locke believes that the child mind is born blank meaning there is nothing in it at birth, the child doesn't know what to do at this moment but after some months, the child begins to explore his environment and as far as sport activities is concern, the first sport most child always aware of is football without nobody telling him anything about the sport, you begin to see a baby of 2 years plus trying to play with the ball and my question has always be how did the child gets to know about this popular game? Because i have never seen a child who is just growing up trying to hold the bat or other sport related equipments.

Those who discovered this game must have done a lots of great work because the game is been played right from grassroot to amateur to professional level and even when some players retired, they find it hard to leave the game and that is where many of the later take the coaching job or becoming a football pundit in any of the football game show.

I can still remember vividly when i was growing up, the only sport i am aware of is this game and i don't even know if any other game exist until i started growing up and started hearing sport like hockey, tennis, golf, racing and many more, although it may be due to the environment i found myself but i also want to believe this is how it is in most places. Many of us started hearing about other sport probably when we get to school and our Physical and Health Education teachers told us about it but 90% if i am not wrong get to know about football right from our various home not at school.

We can say here that no sport is superior to the other but i think they have many advantages than each other think about the development they have brought to our society and i think football is far much ahead of other sports. Let me briefly talk about some of the advantages the game have over other sport.

Unity: One of the thing football brings to us is unity, either you are born and bred in the slumping area or in a good environment and rich home, the game brings everybody together as one and we all play it together. Even as a country where we have approximately more than 200 tribes, the game has bring about unity within us because it does not support dichotomy, the door of the national team is open to every tribe in as much as the talent is there to represent the country.

Social Interaction: The sport brings about social interaction among us because we always want to talk about our favourite clubs either they loose or they win any match. We now sit close to each other at various viewing centers and before we know it, we started talking about the game.

Charity Programme: This is another advantage the sport have over other sport, although other sports support charity as well but we can not compared it to football, we have seen clubs organising friendly games just to donate the ticket income to the less privileged and motherless homes.

The advantages football have over other sports is not limited to those ones listed above but to just mention few of it. Football can also be use to resolve conflict between two parties either communities, towns or countries.

I hope you find this post interesting and educating until then I remain my humble self @oxygen02. Thanks For Reading 👍