The 35th league game in La Liga. Rayo Vallecano is last with 28 points and Real Madrid is in 3rd place (65 units). Barcelona is in the lead with 80 points and Atletico is the first pursuer with 71 points.

Bet on Rayo Vallecano - Real Madrid. The quotations are clearly in favor of Real.

Bet on the home team, Rayo Vallecano

Rayo Vallecano is in last place with 28 points and is probably going to relegate back to the second division next year after only one year of La Liga. Rayo has 7 points less than Valladolid, which is in the safe zone with a 17th place. There are still four games to play, so mathematically it is still possible.

Los Franjirrojos, however, are completely out of shape and have been able to only win once in the competition since the 4th February. The previous match was lost on the field of Seville with a dissapointing 5-0.

Grabbing one point at home against Real might give a boost to the confidence in the last 3 league games.

Bet on Real Madrid, the big favorite

Real Madrid left too many points in the previous league matches and now has 6 points less than its fellow countryman Atletico Madrid. The troops of Zidane played a draw on Leganés (1-1) and Getafe (0-0). A 3rd place therefore seems the highest attainable.

Real Madrid has nothing more to gain or lose this season, and the remaining games serve as preparation for the next season. Rayo Vallecano, however, is a bite-sized chunk for a team like Real's. An easy victory is therefore expected.

Overview of the results

Latest results:

Sevilla 5-0 Rayo Vallecano

Getafe 0-0 Real Madrid

Latest encounters:

Real Madrid 1-0 Vallecano

Vallecano 2-3 Real Madrid

Real Madrid 10-2 Vallecano

Vallecano 0-2 Real Madrid