Two out of the three countries most affected by the Corona virus infection are Italy and Spain. One of the worst in Italy is that the virus has infected more than one city if not, the Bergamo city. Mayor Giorgio Gori of the same city has claimed that the Corona virus has become epidemic in Italy and Spain due to a match between San Antonio and Valencia in the European Champions League.

The game of Valencia and Atlanta. Forty-four thousands of spectators were present on the ground to watch the game.

Atlanta hosted Valencia for the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 games and the match took place at Milan's famous San Siro ground. As Atlanta was going through rebuilding its own home turf, he played at the Inter and AC Milan San Siro. More than 44,000 spectators were present that day at San Siro to watch the game on February 99. Gori believes that his city was the most affected by this sport, at least.

The most corona virus-infected cities in Italy are in this city. So far there have been confirmed to be infected about 6,728 with Coronavirus. There is also a high mortality rate. Atlanta is a club in the city of Bergamo and is playing for the first time in the Champions League. The club, which has not been very successful in domestic football before, has been playing well for the past few years and has reached the Champions League quarterfinals this time.

Mayor Gorey said, 'The game was like a human biological bomb. No one could even estimate at that time how much worse it could be affected. If the virus had reached that stadium at that time, then 40,000 would have been infected by it. After watching this game, the supporters of both teams returned to their hometowns and each other worked to transmit the virus to the other. In that game, Valencia was beaten by Atlanta to 4-1.

Valencia's supporters took the Corna virus to Spain. Italy is the most affected after Wuhan, considered to be the origin of the virus, and there are more deaths than China. At the time of writing this news in Italy, there have been 6,820 deaths and the death toll in Spain has risen to 2,919. Local physicians in Bergema have also backed the mayor's claim that the virus has been infected with the same game.

The doctor told 'Of the Ball', "Even senior doctors in our city believe that the game has actually turned out to be a biological bomb." After Atlanta's win in that game, supporters of the club returned home happily celebrating. At that time, no one was able to estimate the damage the virus could infect. No one died of the virus in Italy until that game on February 19. '

Three weeks later, at the interval of seven days, 3033 died of the virus infection in Bergamo. Local scientists have also come to the conclusion that many of the supporters during the game were infected with the coronavirus, and they passed it on to their family members. The elderly are more likely to die due to the virus. Atlanta goalkeeper Marco Sportatello is also on quarantine after being infected with the virus.

One-third of Valencia's players and game officials have also been infected with the virus that day. It was only after this game that the playground in the closed audience stadium in Italy began, and it did not last long. Currently, all major leagues in Europe, including Italy and Spain, are postponed and it is not certain when they will resume. The fear of infection with the virus has decided to shift the euro 2020 to a year later.