Premier League club Chelsea coach Frank Lampard has reportedly entered politics in English football. Lampard also alleged that the Premier League and football had begun major political outbreaks due to the Corona virus epidemic.

"Politicians now misunderstand football. There is a wrongdoing about the football player's support for the corona virus victims, the pay cuts of the players and coaches, "Lampard said.

England's health secretary Matt Hahn recently said he should support the National Health Service by cutting the salary of a football player. Then the Premier League clubs decided to cut the salary of players and coaches by 30 percent. The clubs also donated £ 20 million to the National Health Service. Premier League players are also now setting up separate charity funds to assist.

Lampard said the government's decision would make it difficult for many clubs. "The government is not justified in demanding money back when clubs are in financial crisis because of Corona," said Lampard. The decision has also been criticized by most club players.

Former England captain Wayne Rooney also said that it was a shame that the Premier League club had cut the player's salary by 30 percent at the request of the government. He accused the players of using force by applying the same rules to pay higher wages and lower salaries.

Manchester City players Kevin De Bryune, Watford captain Troy Diney and Westham captain Mark Noble also protested openly. Disagreements have also started between the Government of England and the football field after the government asked for money from the clubs in the event that the league was not smooth.