The hosts of this year's World Cup lost in the quarterfinals after the penalty shootout with Croatia and they said goodbye to the tournament. During the World Cup there were accusations that footballers of Sborna used doping means. The doctor of the team, however, strongly denied it. Instead, they had ... inhale ammonia.

Fears that footballers may not be pure were intensified by doping scandals that have been going on in Russia in recent years. The surprisingly good attitude of the team led by Stanisław Czerczesow only increased the number of conjectures and conspiracy theories. During the quarter-finals against Croatia (at the exit from the locker room to the second half) you could see the Russian players breathing something from their hands. The cadre's doctor explained what it was all about.

- It was just ammonia. Thousands of athletes around the world use this substance to stimulate properly. Ammonia is used for decades, not only in professional sport, but also in everyday life. For example, in situations when someone loses consciousness or feels bad - explained Eduard Bezugłow.

At the same time, the doctor categorically denied information about the use of doping by footballers. - You can go to any pharmacy and buy ammonia. It has nothing to do with doping! - convinced the doctor of the Russian team.

It is worth adding that ammonia is not a substance prohibited by anti-doping FIFA regulations.