Contentos is a blockchain decentralized digital content ecosystem video streaming platform that empowers all members, that is, video creators, video watchers and advertisers to earn fairly based on their contribution to the platform. Unlike Youtube where users are considered as volunteers while creators only earn from their content based on ads while the rest of the income remains with the youtube thus being considered as unfair, in contentos, no revenue will be lost. When creators upload their content, it will be stored in form of a link in an IPFS as well as in form of address on contentos blockchain such that when users are watching the video content of a certain creator, they will be considered to be producing an asset in form of contentos token thus they earn a certain percentage of those contentos tokens produced while the creators of those video contents which resulted to creation of contentos tokens will also earn from their copyright.

In contentos ecosystem, a smart contract is being used to facilitate advertisers payments to creators thus rewards are automatically distributed to content creators based on viewership and data interaction.

Also, in contentos ecosystem, users can also pay creators directly through subscription, donations or through virtual gifts. This can only happen if content creators have created their contents to be viewed by their subscribers for a given fixed number of times thus maximizing on their income.

In contentos platform, selling of content is also allowed between content creators. For example, one content creator may be a video creator while another a music producer. The video creator on producing a video without a soundtrack, he or she may decide to publish a request for a soundtrack. A music producer may then bid and create a soundtrack running for a given period of time,i.e 1 minute. If the video creator is using the soundtrack created by the music producer, the two may decide to share profit based on their deal and should be distributed between the two on smart contract. The smart contract is run on contentos virtual machine.

In contentos ecosystem, the currency to be used for rewarding users and content creators will be contentos token being abbreviated as COS.The maximum supply of contentos that are expected to be in contentos economy in 12 years time is 10 billion token which can be increased if demand persist.

Out of 10 billion token, 30% were released during the private sales to investors and advisors, 10% for foundation reserves, 15% to the founding team while 5% goes to the communities cooperatives.

The remaining 40% is the one which will be produced between content creators and contentos users. The production of this 40 % will take place in mining form based on IPFS and address from contentos blockchain.

Currently, contentos is listed on coinmarket cap and coingecko at a price of $0.046 and is trading at bilaxy exchange. Beside it being trading on bilaxy exchange, it has also partenered with binance chain, owners of the world largest cryptocurrency exchange.

If you have being a youtuber and youtube user, it is time to join contentos to maximize on your content which you normally take a lot of time to create. Use the link below to join contentos