In first Derby D’Italia match this season, Juventus beat Inter Milan. Mandzukic scored a winning goal in that big match. Indeed, it is so difficult for Inter to beat that Italian football king. Juventus is a strong team that can’t be easily defeated. More over, Cristiano Ronaldo becomes a main part of that Turin team. “Juventus is a strong team,” Paulo Sousa said. He is a former Juventus and Inter player. He had played for two seasons in that both club.

But, there is no perfect team in the world. Paulo Sousa said a strategic key for Inter to beat Juventus. It is to putting a winger player on the field. “They need a winger player that change the game”, Sousa also said this player must able to move and pass over Juventus player. And, also must able give dangerous crossing. The winger can be put at left side or right side. So, according to Soussa, does Inter have that player? Inter have that player. Spalletti can try to put Ivan Perisic or Kwadro Asamoah to put as a winger.

Perisic is not a pure winger player. He plays as left striker. But, he can put to plays as a winger. He also able to give a dangerous crossing to the Juventus’s penalty box. Statistically, Perisic has two assist and two goal. If Spalletti can optimize Ivan Perisic to play as pure winger, Inter has bigger opportunity to win the second Derby D’Italy this season. If Perisic is injured or can’t play because of card accumulation, Spalleti can also try to put Kwadro Asamoah to play forwarder as left winger. Asamoah is a left back. Statistically, Asamoah has given 5 cross that made goals. Beside good in defending, Asamoah has able to give dangerous crossing. But, he is less aggressive than Perisic. So, who will in this second Derby D'Italia match? Juventus or Inter?