The League of Spain is a football championship that has historically been dominated by two of the most famous soccer teams in the world, Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​leaving the rest of the teams fighting for the rest of the places in European competitions .

However in recent years several teams of half table have struggled to take the next step in quality to fight at the top of the table and the first of them to achieve it was the Atlético de Madrid obtaining the league of the 2013-14 season with which they showed that the super-powerful teams: Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​are folding in the Spanish championship.

In this season we have a very interesting scenario because in day 13 we have as leader to Sevilla with 26 points, followed by Barcelona, ​​Atlético de Madrid, Alavés, Espanyol and in the sixth position to Real Madrid, a very surprising and tight League since between the 1st and 6th place there are only 6 points of difference.

Next we will proceed to analyze the last three days of the teams that I consider the favorites to win the title of champions at the end, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid and Sevilla, in order to have a more objective point of view. be their performance in the near future and why they are in those positions currently in the championship.

Let's start !!!!


The Catalan team began with an overwhelming pace the beginning of the season in the league with 4 consecutive victories that placed it at the top of the classification, however then they were 4 matches without being able to get a victory with 3 draws and a defeat against Leganes.

However, they brought out their capacity as a champion team by winning a couple of important victories against Sevilla and Real Madrid, both teams that contend for the title of league champion, which reaffirmed them again in the top positions of the table but as we will see Throughout our analysis, Real Betis a half-table team, which is currently in the 14th position of the Championship, managed to beat them in the penultimate date with a surprise 3-4 in the Camp Nou which together with the suffered Draw against Atlético de Madrid he finally left them in second place in the table.

Finally we must emphasize that apparently throughout the championship have shown how the team with more capacity in the field to be the champions, yes and only yes, they can find a little more regularity in their performances because when they are in good way I think there is no team in Spain that can cope with them.

Atletico de madrid

After winning the Uefa Europa League last season and winning the Uefa Supercopa against Real Madrid in the first official game of 2018/19, the Cholo Simeone team not only started the season very well by defeating their team. The most staunch rival for a 4-2 score, Antoine Griezmann, who is also related to his best player, remains on the team when he was strongly sought by Barcelona throughout the transfer market.

This means that Atlético has become the second place in the championship.

Their activities in the beginning of this league have been irregular and have started with 2 draws, 1 win and 1 loss and even up to the current date have not been even more successful in the consecutive victories so far this season in Spain.

Proof of this irregularity is that in the last two matches they won a victory against Athletic Club de Bilbao and then tied against Barca at home, another strong contender to the League, what they have to keep in mind is that they have only been a defeat in La Liga, in the 3rd match against Celta de Vigo, so they do manage to get more consecutive victories before December to reach Barca and threaten Sevilla with moving the top of the championship.

Real Madrid

The White House is the team that has spent most of the season, since the departure of Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo until the team has cost him the perseverance to win in all the contests he has played, and obviously this has negatively affected them in The League

They started by winning 4 matches and losing only 2 points by drawing against Athletic Bilbao, however, reaching the time to play with Sevilla lost 3-0 as a result, while at the same time it was a 5-game run without knowing the victory that led to the dismissal of Lopetegui to lose scandalously the classic against barcelona 5-1 as visitors again.

After them Solari was appointed as the new team manager and managed to retake in a certain way the winning path since he managed to connect two victories in the league against Valladolid and Celta de Vigo but they lost surprisingly against Eibar, a team that is in the 9th position of the championship, by a bulky 3-0 marker as visitors.

With this we want to conclude that of the favorites for the title, Real Madrid, is the worst position in the table finding itself in the sixth position and despite the high quality it has in its staff with players who are stars in their respective teams nationals, it has been very difficult to get back the winning formula that made them capable of winning 3 consecutive UEFA Champions League, hopefully Solari will get the right formula to restore confidence to this group of players, extremely talented, but who apparently have lost the desire to be winners again.

Sevilla: The Leaders

The leader of the championship had perhaps the worst start of the season of all the teams we have mentioned in this analysis: a couple of defeats against Betis and Getafe, but the reason why they are at the top of the table is because then of this they have only lost a match having managed to connect up to 4 consecutive victories that were interrupted by a defeat to the team that is on their heels at just one point, Barcelona, ​​but after that they were able to continue with the good work they were doing. Realizing to win again and not knowing the defeat until the current date with 1 win, 1 draw and 2 victories that have them at the top of the championship.

You could say that this team despite not having the most bombastic or striking team in the championship have managed to sneak up on the leaders of Spain due to their ability to be more consistent in not allowing themselves to lose more than one match in a row when they have a downturn. that he has not managed to manage Real Madrid or Atlético. However, their staff is not as extensive or talented as their opponents to the title so they would have to have a dream season, as had Leicester City, to be able to take the Spanish championship, however let's not forget that in this sport everything can happen and that the last word will always have the players on the field of play, so we can not give them for eliminated the Sevillians in the race for the title of the Spanish first division.