Yesterday I spent a lot of time in discovering this platform here. For those who don't know: @sportsgeek showed me this site told me in a few sentences what this is all about. I made my account, and that's it. Nothing more.

It took me more than a week to write my first contribution. In the meantime, I talked more with @sportsgeek about Scorum, and he loves it by the way.

Yesterday, I did my first more in-depth researches.

I want to give you my honest opinion.


Let me start with the design. The design is crucial to me. When you visit my Steemit Blog, you will notice that. I love the design of the main page which is, in my opinion, the most important page. It gives you the feeling of visiting a professional media site. And Scorum made it happen to deliver everything on the main page with endless scrolling. Of course, you can tweak a little bit but at this time, in my opinion, a good thing.

Secondly, I wanted to make sure how the process of purchasing coins on openledger and transferring it to my wallet work. Yes, it did even the process is for my taste a bit jolty. But it worked that's the most important part.

What I also appreciate are the email notifications.

It reminds me of They are doing it the same way. Yes, I can imagine that for some people it could be annoying but for those who are really active it is a help in my eyes, and it keeps the connection with the platform and community members.


First I thought that you can always vote with 100%. In my current status, it makes not a big difference, but @sportsgeek told me when you have 1000 SP you will get a slider which I think is a good thing same as on Steemit.


Browsing through some contributions here I noticed that the comparison between Scorum and Steemit seems to be a big thing. For me, it feels that people who are not happy with Steemit are giving their frustration room here. In my opinion unnecessary and I don't think that both are competing with each other.

Scorum is dedicated to sport, and this alone is a vast area. By the way, I like that from the very beginning many types of sports are included. Speaks for a big vision. I would suggest seeing Scorum as its own and focusing on that for what it is meant for.


Yes, definitely the editor is upgradable but as I said before for the current state absolutely fine.

What I would love to see

One thing is, being able to upload videos natively. Or and I don't know if this is possible I am not that technical guide but having an own video platform would be awesome. We all know how vital video material is, and I would like to upload it to a proper solution here as on youtube and to embed it. Some sort of Scorum Tube. Just a thought. Elsewhere I will go about that in more detail.

I don't want to make it too long.

In the next one, I will tell you which vision I see for Scorum.