Barcelona will be facing La Liga tonight this night His fans will be hoping to see at least one goal from Messi in this match. It's not the goal that he's doing. He is already the highest goalscorer of the current league. Even then, fans against Messi want a goal from Messi. Of course, there is no problem but it does not. Messi will probably build the milestone in the next match or next match. But the fans are late; Early start!

Messi scored the highest goalscorer in La Liga in 2014. Telmo Zarra's record of 252 goals went on top of hat-trick against Sevia. That means Messi is the top scorer of this league in nine years from the first goal of La Liga in 2005. Then, in these four years, Messi scored the highest goal record with a unique height. 434 goals in 399 goals! Now you must understand what milestones in front of Messi.

Four hundred goals. Messi is the first player to score 400 goals in La Liga history. Barcelona's Argentine star scored 233 goals in 399 goals at the Camp Camp in Camp Nou. For this, he had to play 217 matches. Of these, in 183 matches, Barca won Messi's 169 goals in 217 matches That means Messi scored 0.91 goals in the top league of Spain. Messi's most favorite opponent in La Liga, Atletico Madrid and Valencia. He has scored 25 goals against the two teams.

Messi in La Liga

Match: 434

Goals: 399

Time: 34,859 minutes

Joy: 325

Draw: 70

Rate: 39

First XI: 386 times

Transfer: 48 times