Messi made his debut for La Liga against Espanyol in October 2004. In the following year, on 1 May, the first goal was scored in the league against Alastace, then he was 17 years old. The 100th goal against Almerera on 20 November 2010 On 27 January 2013, 200th against Osasuna and 17 February 2016, he scored 300 goals against Sparting Gihan, the five-time footballer of the year.

Barcelona won the historic 3-0 win over Messi on Sunday. Argentina is no longer near the star side as the goals of footballers in La Liga. Cristiano Ronaldo (311), second in the all-time top scorer of the competition, has surrendered to Serie and Club Uventu in the beginning of the season. The third and fourth place respectively, Telmo Sarra (251) and Hugo Sánchez (234) have left football for a long time. According to the statistics of Messi's character, the data collection analyst,

2- Messi is the second player to score 400 goals in Europe's top five league matches. Only Portuguese Forward Cristiano Ronaldo (409) made this work earlier.

1- Messi is the first player to score 400 goals in the top five league matches for a club.

435- Messi plays a remarkable total of 435 matches in Spain's top league. He scored a goal of 0.92 in every match of the match. The Argentine forward has played 63 games less than Ronaldo to reach the milestone of 400 goals.

56.98- 31-year-old Messi scored one goal each 83 minutes in La Liga. The record for a goal of 56.98 in each season is the goal of the five-time year's footballer. He scored 46 goals in 32 games in La Liga in the 2012-13 season.

50- Messi has scored 50 goals in a season in La Liga. He made this achievement in the 2011-2012 season.

31- Messi has made the second highest 31 hat-tricks in La Liga history. There are four goals in four matches. Ronaldo has the highest number of hat tricks in La Liga

25 - Barcelona's favorite opponent Sevilla in La Liga Against the team, there are 25 goals in 24 matches. Messi scored 18 goals in the same match against Real Madrid.

29-La Liga has made the most of Barcelona's Uruguayan forward Luis Suarez, contributing 29 of the Messi goals.

105 - Messi's 400 goals came in 105 matches, in the last 14 minutes of the match.