Not a game of mind at all. Barcelona will be pleased to get three points from the 2-0 goal against Selta Vigo. As the Spanish league sees such ups and downs, it will be a lot of satisfying to end the year ahead of 3 points ahead of Atletico Madrid (34 points in 17 matches, Sevier also won the match against Calgary).

Received another, Lionel Messi got the shot. The Argentine forward for Barcelona, ​​the fifth European gold medalist, has already finished this year, ahead of the European season's best goal scorer. Messi has a record with the 15th goal in the league. At the end of the 11 season, at least 15 goals in the league, the record of the best five leagues in Europe, and no one!

Messi's spin is in the very last minute of the first half. From left to leftback jardy Albrera through round the shot from the outside of the box. Since last season, Barca has been working on this together for a long time, according to Barca Coach Valvarde, who also spoke about the Alba-Messi combination of the goals of many goals in Barcelona, ​​both understand each other well. Hopefully, it will continue. "Before the goal of Messi, Barça first gave Barça 10 ahead of Usman in Demembalay, if Messi returned the shot Selta goalkeeper, then he was again trapped in the net.

But in the end of the match, Messi has another possibility of another European golden chance to start. At the moment he is three in the list. But the two who are at the top, there is no possibility of winning them. Estonian club Nom Kaliyur striker Lilloo, Estonia league, finished 1 point ahead of Messi. And in the Turkish club Kazimpasar Ambai Dianei His point is equal to Messi 30, but the goal is to do the second.

Why is the score equal to the goal? The European Golden Run has scored two points for the top five leagues in Europe, that is, England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France, and others, which are lower according to the league standards. Turkey take 1.5 points in the league, 1 point in Estonia.

So Messi is the best five league players in Europe. At the end of the league of four players in the list, the closest Christophe Pion, the year ends with Messi's closest Italian club Genoa has 14 goals in Polish striker, why so much maternity leave him in Europe. Of course, Kylian Mbpps of PSG, Pako Alkasar of Borussia Dortmund, Nantel Emiliona Sala, Arrienal Pierre-Emeric Abamayang, Einterkhat's Lanka Yovich of Frankfurt, Lil Nicholas Papaera are not behind. Everyone has 12 goals. Neymar, Suarez and Salah are also running 11 goals.