The rest of the season still remains. But the European Golden Shoe can win the most goals in the league in the entire season, the guess is to do a little bit now. Lionel Messi won the last two editions of the highest goals in the top league stage of the European league. This time he is the top However, Messi is going to breathe in the psyche of the French forward Kylian Mbabpe.

Messi scored 19 goals in 19 games in La Liga with a goal against Jüröber. On the same night, after a goal against Rane in the same match, in the 15th match of the French league one, Emballa scored 18 goals. After this, Egyptian forward Moula Salah of Liverpool, Edison Cavani of PSG and Fabio Kualierrella of Sampordoria. These three goals are 16 goals. But Salah has played 23 matches, Kovalariela 20 and Kavani played 14 matches.

Messi's biggest antagonist in every season has seen a name so long - Cristiano Ronaldo However, after Real Madrid left for Juventus, Ronaldo is less likely to score than others. But that too is behind, not so much. It's hard to get goals in the Italian league, yet Juventus has already scored 15 goals in 21 games in Ronaldo. Ronaldo has lost a penalty penalty to Juventus in Laszco

According to the UEFA rating of each league, points are given for every goal for the European Golden Start. At the end of the season, who has been at the top of the points, he got the award in his hands. In all the top five leagues in Europe, players get two point points per goal.

Top Five in the European Golden Start:




Lionel Messi



Kiliyan Mbabpe



Edison Cavani



Fabio Kualierrella



Mohammad Salah