Few days ago, in Sunday actually, was played one of most important football matches in my country. The eternal derby, between Red Star and Partizan, both from Belgrade. This is the game that should represent the best what we have in our domestic football. But instead of quality football, lot of different things get in first plan, like hooligans fights, but I won't talk about that now. Let us concentrate just on football.

Two times in a year, sometimes even more, we are witnessing the greatest game in this region. This was 158th time in league history, for these two teams to play against each other. Players simply live for this game and think about it during whole year. It doesn't matter current form or rank on the table, this is just something else. The matter of prestige. The rivalry in its purest shape. The ones who win, writes new pages of history, regarding what happened on the field or stands. That passion and will to win, you can only see on that particular game in the league. That electrical charge among players and how they're fired up minutes before start of the game, even when they truly respect players on the other side on the field. Or, this was just, some past times when all this actually exist? Now, these days, it is all gone to hell.

Football lose it purpose. At least this one here. Instead watching good and quality football, I watched bunch of kids playing in the school yard. Both teams couldn't complete even four or five precise passes. Lots of fouls and breaks on the middle. It was awful to watch this game. The ball was hanging more in the air and off the pitch, than on field itself. I asked myself few times, cause I couldn't believe what I'm watching, is this a real pro football? It seemed like some amateur game, even worse. These is the guys who earn lots of money and for what? There were no sparks, no fire, no wish to win or will to do something to score the goal? Cause as I remember, if you want to win you must score, right? Like somebody force them to go out on the field and just do their job and go home. I haven't seen any decent counter attacks or actions with some nice moves and lucid solutions from players. Every attack ended up with ball back to the keeper and trowing it on attackers? Like there was no midfield players to connect the back and front line of the team. It is all depended of quality of individual and how much he can do it at the moment. There were no team play, just get the ball and kick it as far as you can from you goal. That is the short description of this game. And these two goals, believe me, I don't know how they score it at the first place. By accident I think. 1:1 was the final score as I forgot to mention, but the score is not important here.

What is important is that criminal performance from both teams. Red Star have signed some really good players this summer. They qualify for Champions League and held first place in the championship. Season started really good for them, and with this reason they are considered as favorites here. On the other hand, Partizan, didn't manage to qualify for European competitions and in national championship was not so great for them. Everybody expected easy win for Red Star, and I don't know what happened in this game.


Like I watched some amateur team, not the team who play in Champions League. Maybe they were no motivation or was very tiered after match against Napoli, who knows? But this was eternal derby! No Champions League or any other match is more important than this one! This was big disgrace from them, and this kind of play is not acceptable! I'm big fan and supporter of Red Star, the team I cheer for since my childhood, but I must admit that we didn't deserve this draw here. We should lose, and maybe than players and coach would realize that football is not played this way. This is not the Red Star I used to watch. I'm only afraid that next game in Champions League, against PSG in Paris, could be eye opener for us, cause if they play like this against Neymar and friends, we could witness to one of biggest win/defeat in UCL history!