During all this years, FIFA and PES profiled in different directions, and then they began to get closer lately. EA shifted more focus to the quality of the game itself, and Konami began to work on marketing, licenses and other related content. Both games have their own qualities, but one is still a better simulation than the other, in this case it is PES.

Since I was teenager, I was playing PES. All this years. And that is a lot of them. I started playing PES since PES 5! I tried FIFA at the time and didn't like it. Mostly cause of game play. Since then I prefer PES but FIFA are manage to progress very well in the meantime.

           I will compare latest releases, PES 18 with FIFA 18.

 The difference in game quality may be lower than in some previous releases, but what PES is lacking in comparison with FIFA can be fixed with a few patchwork and little effort. Unfortunately, as far as game play is concerned, this is not the case with FIFA.

---------------------------Player Appearance----------------------------

FIFA 18 may have more licenses, stadiums, official jerseys and anything that can be bought, but part of the players in the game do not really look like themselves. Face scanner EA seemed to have had certain flaws. And while the players' models are well done, those in PES are better. Especially when a player's reaction to the events is determined and when the camera approaches them. There are also some defects in PES, but in the global player the players are more like themselves, especially in clubs that are not at the very top of the world football.


Everyone who ever played FIFA knows how easy it was to play against the computer, at any weight. Artificial intelligence soon becomes predictable as games. The reason for this is that in most cases the computer will do the same things regardless of your actions. In PES, different clubs play in different ways, and the difference in the quality of clubs is also greater. It manages the computer in Barcelona and Manchester City makes a big difference, but also the game interesting.

--------------------------Tactics are important--------------------------

Changing the tactics in the PES will give you visible results and you will be able to take advantage of the poor tactical decisions of your opponent. In FIFA, things are more likely to be confined to some predetermined tactics, such as a score for a particular result or bunker, in order to keep the result. PES will reward logical and smart decisions and you will be able to take advantage of the weaknesses of the opposing team. This game gives a new dimension.

-----------------The scripted elements are not forced------------------

FIFA 18 times the same problems as some previous titles. The engine in the game has decided that a certain series of events will occur, no matter what you press on the controller so that the game can be balanced. It looks like one of those actions in which the opponent agrees to pass, and your defenders run in random directions, they turn around and simply can not take the ball. In the 88th minute the player simply has to score a goal, regardless of what the defenders are doing. After hitting the block the ball is back in his legs, your defenders lie on the floor, and the opponent's player shoots until he hits. Sometimes such things happen in PES, but mostly because of your mistake. Sometimes matches will end up 0-0. However, it will not prevent better players or motivate poorer ones in the way the game decides.

------------------Possibility of editing teams and clubs-----------------

If the PES is missing a number of licenses, jerseys, names, everything can be easily corrected. Thanks to the patient and capable people, you can download a patch that will correct the names of the clubs and players in the game, as if Konami purchased the licenses. All you need is go to a page like PES World. Whether you want to create and edit your club, or perhaps upgrade some of the existing ones, the PES features are much larger than those in FIFA.

So, I will continue to play PES, but also will watch FIFA closely, cause they surely are getting better.