French Football Federation's Appeal Division

In the French league, Kylian Mbabpe has been banned for three matches. In the meantime, we spent 33 percent of our time playing one match. Meanwhile, the French forward has surrounded the new danger. The punishment of three matches can be increased to five! Embassy of the French Football Federation's Appeal Division has faced interrogation again. Because, punishment is more likely to increase or increase!

PSG went to the ground on the grounds of Leicester to play at Nix's ground. The hosts were unable to cope with the French champions' attack. In particular, Mbapa had kept the whole match in jeopardy with Nimsk. It is the unfortunate incident during the match. In the 4-2 lead, another attack was planned by mbappe. In such a situation, Tommy Savanniyera of Nimce furiously fumed him. He had a good chance of being hit by a terrible strike.

Naturally, the mishap Going down to Savanniyera, pushing the light causes the reason. Since no aggressive approach can be made to the opponent on the field, Embaap saw the red card for this reason. Sawnier's forehead on the forehead for a tough deal. Abba has apologized to the supporters later on. It also said that if someone does something like this in the future, then do not give him a discount. After this the statement was withdrawn.

The French league's disciplinary committee said the three players in the red card case were getting the best young players in the World Cup. Savanni has also been banned for five matches. In the meantime, Embeppe spent a match against St. Eiteen. But after that, Savanni appeals to the French League's Appellate Division. His lawyer claimed, Mbapec will also have to punish five matches. The French media thinks that punishment for abatement may increase.

TheFrench Football Federation's Appeal Division French Commission will make a final decision in both cases, in a day or two.