Since joining Lechia Gdanks on 9 July 2018, until 21 September 2018, Egy Maulana Vikri has not had the opportunity to play in the team in the highest level competition in the Polish Ekstraklasa league. Lechia Gdanks has played 8 matches in the league this season. The player born July 7, 2000, with a height of 168 and a weight of 65 kg, was more tried to play with Lechia Gdanks II, in the League IV division competition, in the group: Pomeranian.

The opportunity was used as well as possible by Egy, as evidenced by 6 times playing in the league, able to score 7 goals. Egy's first goal, created against the Kolbudy GKS, on 11 August 2018, in the second match of Egy's match. Egy's debut actually lost when he visited the home of GKS Przodkowo, 3 days earlier with 0-1. The third match was played with a victory against Pogoń Lębork with a score of 5-0. Egy contributed 2 goals in the match. The fourth match against host Wda Lipusz, ended with the hosts winning 6-3. The last two matches, Egy, has matured by scoring 4 goals, 2 goals in each match, which is against guest Stolem Gniewino, with a score of 2-1, and defeating host Kashubia Kościerzyna, 1-4.

The opportunity to play in the Ekstraklasa league was even more open with the entry of Egy in the reserve team when Lechia Gdanks defeated Korona Kielce 2-0, on 31 August 2018, in the 7th match. The opportunity to make his debut in the first team came closer when the friendly match against Ukrainian club Karpaty Lviv on September 9 2018. The match ended with the visitors' victory from Ukraine, 0-1. Opportunities and waiting for Egy's actions are certainly expected. Hopefully, until the end of the contract 30 June 2021, many sweet stories will be made.