Cristiano Ronaldo: “Leaving Sporting and coming to Manchester was a big change in my life at that time. Now coming back here at the age of 36 is also a very exciting moment in my life. To be a man with a family, with kids, to win what I have in football, to show that all the winners have to make many pages in the history of football, it's special. But regardless, what I want is to get there and show myself that I can play at a high level." "I arrived well, scored goals, especially in the Champions League, in every game I played. I feel good, it's a nice change to come back home years later. The sacrifices I make every year, every season, weeks, months and days, eventually it has to pay off. That's my motivation. To work hard and try something important, titles, awards, that's my goal every time. My life is a very beautiful journey I have left a good record where where I have been. I don't think any player in history can be proud to say that wherever he has gone he has left a positive note. That makes me happy."