Dimitar Berbatov (on Cristiano Ronaldo): “When the team has a bad result, the star players are always to blame, and for now at Manchester United there is Cristiano Ronaldo. Right now Cristiano only scores one goal in 10 games and that seems problematic for everyone, but not for me. There are 11 players on the pitch and they are to blame. Ronaldo is an icon in the world of football and people need to remember that he is already 37 years old. So, from time to time he was allowed to play some bad matches. But I don't think that's the case. I think Ronaldo did enough for United, obviously people will be looking for more because of the standard he sets. There will always be people questioning him when he has a bad game, and they are taking advantage of that now." "People need to consider his age, how he plays, his position and how the team plays. People need to be realistic with it and they need to know that it's totally different when you're 37 to 27 years old. He will have moments when he needs his team-mates to earn more for him, that's normal in football. Ronaldo is a total professional and he will speak to the manager and he will want to earn more. Ronaldo is also a realistic man, he will know that his appearance is not what he would like, even though he is older and his game is completely different, Ronaldo sets very high standards. Everything he has achieved in football has not been by luck, he knows what he is doing and he will know that he needs to produce more at this time and believe me, that will push him forward. People should not put pressure on him and let him carry on."