As it is public knowledge on January 21, after firing his colleagues from Nantes, Emiliano Sala got on a plane bound for his new club Cardiff, where he became the record transfer of the club, with an approximate value of 14 millions of pounds.

Tragically the plans and dreams of Emiliano were truncated by what is believed the negligence of a pilot without the necessary experience, a plane in dubious state and a very dangerous climate, all these ingredients resulted in the tragedy of public knowledge.

The gifts in tribute to Sala are piled up in Cardiff. The club, meanwhile, plans to make a trial. (Photo: AFP)

the English newspaper The Telegraph revealed that Cardiff, the Welsh club that had bought the striker's pass to France's Nantes, is considering taking legal action as it faces estimated economic losses of around 14 million pounds (almost 18.5 million dollars) ) the clubs involved in the transfer went into a conflict.

According to the information obtained by the Telegraph, the Cardiff board could initiate a "negligence lawsuit". The British media indicates that several leaders are questioning having let the most expensive signing of their club get on a 1984 aircraft piloted by a gas and review what could be a three-year contract with estimated costs of 30 million pounds, of which the accident insurance (contracted with the financial giant Lloyd's) would only cover half. Sala's name would have been included in the club's policy on January 19, two days before his disappearance.

A source quoted by the newspaper speaks of a "freezing" of the payment that Cardiff had to make to Nantes until the causes of the accident have been established. As the flight was hired by the agency representing the player and the intermediary Mark McKay, "Cardiff has made it clear that he did not have anything to do with the flight arrangements," they explained to the English media, adding: "We are evaluating the potential possibility of negligence that could have caused the accident."

The pass had been agreed at 20 million pounds, plus a plus of 3 million if Cardiff was saved from the descent. The documents of the transfer were already completed by the Football Association (FA) and FIFA. "Cardiff will pay everything that corresponds once all the unknowns have been answered and all the facts determined," the source added. The 30 million that they estimate in losses included the projected salary of the player plus taxes, but in the club they add separately what they would lose by agreements of sponsorships or sales of t-shirts. And they already lament the shortage of attackers that could suffer and assure that the league will not allow them to make an extra signing. Meanwhile, Sala still does not appear.

On the other hand, the family of Emiliano, began to raise funds to continue the search privately, they could not sit idly by. Uncertainty would have shattered them even more. They need to know what happened and do not lose hope of finding it alive. The relatives of Emiliano Sala, barely knew of the decision of the investigators to stop the search for the Argentine soccer player, the pilot and the plane in which they traveled, took a quick decision: to open a collection through the internet to raise funds that would allow them face a search by private means. It was launched on Friday and, within hours of opening the online platform, the money they needed was covered by the contributors, among which several players stood out.

On the site, a website created specifically for people to create campaigns -like the well-known with the possibility of raising money through donations, the Sala family received from Saturday until the afternoon of yesterday a total of 321,151 euros, exceeding the established that had initially set and had caused to raise the amount to 300,000, but the new amount was also quickly exceeded. In just 48 hours, more than 4,300 people put their two cents in the form of money, and the Hall decided to leave the collection equally open.

Among the contributors, the one who put the highest amount was the French world champion Kylian Mbappé, who donated 30,010 euros. Adrien Rabiot, partner of the Turtle in the PSG, donated 25,000, and the agency that represents Sala, Sport Cover, put 20,000. Among the Argentines, there are Lucas Ocampos (5,000 euros), Alejandro Papu Gómez (2,002) and Fernando Forestieri (2,000), as well as Tomás De Vincenti.

Unfortunately it is an unlikely dream that at this point knowing the area where the plane disappeared, the hostile weather and the cold water makes it practically impossible for someone to survive more than a couple of hours even in a lifeboat, I personally hope that can find (hopefully I live) so the family can give a closure to this sad and tragic situation.