Portugal 🇵🇹 vs 🇷🇸 Serbia

Portugal is standing in the sixth position of the FIFA world ranking. For the first leg of EUFA National League, this team won Italy 1:0, and won Poland 2:3. In the second leg it drew with Italy 0:0 at away, and drew with Poland 1:1 at home. For friendly matches it drew with Croatia 1:1 at its home, and won Scotland 1:3. For EURO qualification round 1 it drew with Ukrain 0:0. To meet Serbia this week, I hope that Portugal will win the match. All players of this team are ready to play.

Serbia is standing in the 31th position of the FIFA world ranking. For EUFA National League in the first leg, this team won Lithuania 0:1, and drew with Romania 2:2 at its home. Then it won Montenegro 0:2 . In the second leg it drew with Romania 0:0 at away and won Montenegro 2:1. Then it won Lithuania 4:1. For friendly matches, it drew with Germany 1:1 at away. Gacinovic is in injury, he will be absent from the match this week.

Head to head

For the last four games of both teams , Serbia never won Portugal but they drew two times. Please see the statistics below:



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Recent Standing:


  • Please predict :      
  • Portugal draw Serbia 
  • Over or under 2.5
  • Total goals =?
  • Portugal ?:? Serbia 

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